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The truth, which is recovery's guiding principle, is that we don't need a meeting house. We just need to meet each other with the principles of recovery always in our conversations. Two alcoholics talking is different from two alcoholics talking recovery. One kills, the other supports life. In 11th Step Yoga, we work the steps and principles into the cells of our bodies, so that we can transform our language. It isn't magic, but it is magical. Basic yoga postures and breath with a recovery theme. What we think is what we feel is what we say is our design for living. 11th Step Yoga works like THAT.  Working the steps of recovery is like churning the earth, making your being fertile for growth. When you really do them, you feel a change in your being. At 11th Step Yoga, we work the steps right into the body, so the mind (the main problem of the alcoholic) can follow. Please come share your recovery with us. In an open 12 Step meeting with a yoga format. We follow all the traditions, and consider this an act of service. Each meeting is autonomous and the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using.   Basket pays for studio. All are welcome. 

Every posture in 11th Step Yoga treats some aspect of this family disease. We address brain chemistry,  the nervous system, adrenal overload, detox and brain waves.  The session teaches breath work, basic postures and meditation. Its result is a conscious contact with a powerful sense of rightness and ease.

Positive action is the result.

about 11th step yoga

11th step yoga is the only recovery yoga to use the 12 steps and principles of addiction recovery to drive the practice. Its payoff is a solid handle on prayer, meditation, postures and breathwork--a spiritual solution to this fatal mental illness. New-comers and old timers in program, their friends and families, all find release, comfort, harmony.

Sunday: 7:45-9pm, Hustler Building. 8920 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood. 

6:15pm, Rising Lotus Yoga. 14148 .W. Magnolia Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423.

Tuesday: 8:30-10pm, Jade Apple Yoga, 10502 Magnolia Blvd., NOHO, CA. 91601

Thursday: 8:15-9:45pm, Black Dog Yoga, 4454 Van Nuys Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403