11th Step Yoga Schedule: 

​Sunday: 6:15pm Rising Lotus Yoga, Sherman Oaks.

7:45pm Hustler Store, West Hollywood.

Tuesday: 8:30-10pm Jade Apple, North Hollywood

Thursday: 8:15-9:45 Black Dog Yoga, Sherman Oaks


About the founder.

Meditate on this:

​​An alcoholic death, or a spiritual life. This is, actually, a tough decision for us. Drop it, you can't choose anyway if you are under the lash of the disease. Just get your ass to 11th Step Yoga. Enlarge your spiritual life. That's the only action needed.

Abbie Britton & 11th Step Yoga


Britton is the creator and founder of 11th Step Yoga, an effective bodywork modality for addicts and alcoholics which combines the 12 Steps and recovery principles of Alcoholics Anonymous with Yoga and meditation. 11th Step Yoga is the only recovery meeting with a yoga format sanctioned by Central office of AA. It is an open practice--anyone can attend.

abbie is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Yoga Therapeutics with a specialty in brain science and the affects of yoga on the alcoholic/addict brain/mind.

 Soon to be published will be 11th Step Yoga Daily Postures and Soulfood for Addiction Recovery, a guidebook for meditation and recovery yoga that provides a daily dose of optimal fueling and movement for high level solution.

Classes are taught on a volunteer basis by instructors who have gone through a 50 hour 11th Step Yoga training by Britton, and students pass the basket to pay for studio rent. Find 11th Step Yoga daily postures on instagram @11thstepyoga and on Facebook. 

Britton is known as a creative innovator in bodywork, yoga and fitness. She is irreverent, soul-searching and topline research- minded when it comes to her class and private offerings to her students. Abbie is also a master at Yin Therapeutics, and heat training.  

 Yin, the original yoga, is long-held, breath-filled postures done on the floor. It is meant to prepare one for comfortable sitting in meditation, but it is so much more.  Yin is incredibly therapeutic for hips, low back and shoulders. It creates deep phasic changes in the connective tissues, the ligaments and cartilage through the long holds.   In all her classes, Britton brings a colorful and inspired fusion of alignment, therapeutics and deep training techniques, whether the class includes handstands, backbends, flow, a bike or bands. 

Britton has the unique ability to diagnose and treat athletic and everyday movement injuries and anomalies. She effectively rehabilitates clients in group classes, whether cycling or yoga, and on her bodywork table. 

Britton's Yoga background is in the Tantric philosophical tradition and  Anusara Yoga. Her expertise is the result of over 3,000 hours of advanced yoga and bodywork training with senior instructors, most notably master instructors Noah Maze and Tara Judelle, (creator of Embodied Flow) and Dr. Douglas Brooks. She has been a meditation and movement teacher for over 20 years and a therapeutic bodyworker for 30 years. Her bodywork training, begun at the age of 22, happened the moment she realized she wanted to fix dancers rather than be a dancer, she works with all types of athletes today. Her dance background includes Contact Improvisation with Steve Paxton, and many years of training in the Martha Graham & Jose Limon techniques and with ballet therapist Don Farnsworth and Romana at the original Pilates studio in NYC.

Hailing from New York and New England from a family of writers, artists and athletes, Britton is the daughter of Academy Award winning actress Estelle Parsons and mother of former NFL player and Medical Cannibis advocate, and writer Eben Britton and writer/film maker Gus Britton. She is also the proud grandmother of Sandy Britton.

Britton is Mad Dogg Spin certified, TRX certified, Yoga certified. She was a competitive obstacle runner, speed skater, horse trainer, cross country runner, and majored in dance at Bennington College. She graduated cum laude from Barnard College of Columbia University, and is currently a Masters in Yoga Studies Candidate at Loyola Marymount University.